do you ever read people’s tags and get like damn why can’t I hang out with this majestic funny motherfucker

Anonymous said:
im so sorry about what happened boys are poop

poop shit dick fuck assholes lets throw them on a pile, burn them all and then walk over their ashes like true khaleesis because that’s what we girls are

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Anonymous said:
Listen to me boys are stupid. My Ex-boyfriend still tells me he is attracted to me and said I deserved another chance, so I didn't get over him completely, but then he continues to tell me how he loves a girl who lives in another state!! I learned that I don't deserve another chance with him.... he IN NO WAY deserves another chance with me! And the same applies to you and this stupid boy. He doesn't deserve you. You're beautiful and deserves someone who would treat you like a princess.

Boys truly are stupid ugh. I’m sorry that some asshole did that to you. Are you over him now? I mean it’s the worst when they still give you the feel they’re into you and you alone. Sigh.

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from the ‘Neon’ collection by Brazilian photographer Hid Saib

Anonymous said:
you, femke, are one of the prettiest and nicest girls i've ever met. you only deserve the best and i hope that you'll feel better soon ♥

you’re so kind and you’re making me blush srsly how is everyone so kind to me. i love you all so much. i really hope i’ll be able to get over him soon now.

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Anonymous said:
you are so absolutely perfect and you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT deserve to be treated like shit and i'm sO FUCKING FURIOUS at this disgusting expired milk carton of a human being who made you feel so terrible. you will find someone one day who will treasure your love and who will treat you like the wonderful beautiful person that you are. things will get better for you, darling. you can move past this. i know that it hurts, but you will reach the other side, and you'll never look back.

expired milk carton omg

i love you. thank you so much for this awesome and kind message i wish i could hug you (i need a hug) (i wanna give you one). this truly made me feel better

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hanne gaby odiele for a magazine spring/summer 2014, photographed by pierre debusschere.

Anonymous said:
Well ok no one's perf but like you are really cool

you, my dear, are making me blush

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