hello everyone, i wanted to do a got blogs masterpost but it turns out i’m too lazy so i’m making a sort of smaller version of it. the reason is because i reach an incredible amount of followers a while ago and this is my way to thank you. these are my absolute favourite got blogs and i literally have no idea what i’d be doing if i didn’t follow them. thank you for lighting up my dash with your amazing talents. i appreciate you very much.

in alphabetical order:

altarsex, aryarstark, aryasnow, augustines, baellor, balerion, bran-stark, calikalie, greijoy, grringirl, jaimelannister, jaimescersei, javerts, joannalannister, jongritte, lannistaaars, lannistaire, lannistertywin, lyannas, maisiewilliams, mashamorevna, myrcellas, qhorin, queencersei, roaringcersei, stannisbaratheon, stonehearting, theonqreyjoy, tommens, valonqars, varous, wildlinging, ygritted, ygritteh

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